The Future Heritage Project unites Anna Sheffield’s personal history in the Southwest with
her work as a jewelry designer, aiming to champion contemporary Native American artisanship, and communicate
the authorship and rich narrative of the craft.

Deeply rooted in the region’s sacred lands, the Project funds scholarships and conservation efforts specific to the spectacular desert environs of the Southwest,
via proceeds from sales of the Future Heritage Collection.




The Future Heritage Collection

The Future Heritage Collection is available in three distinctive editions –
original designs by Anna Sheffield, reprised vintage jewelry, and likeminded collaborations.
Across the editions, each unique piece is created with the same intention: to honor the integrity of
the original Southwestern craft, while telling the origin story of its materials and makers.



Made in New York by skilled diamond setters, each piece attests to the highest standards of craftsmanship and sustainability. One-of-a-kind designs feature rare, gem-quality turquoise of single Southwest origin, often mined decades ago, set in recycled gold and embellished with reclaimed diamond melée. 
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Reprised vintage pieces are inspired by the collaborative spirit of Southwestern jewelry design. Vintage jewelry is reprised and reinvented with gold and diamonds, updated with contemporary fastenings, and honored by replacing missing turquoise with diamonds that reflect the rare nature of the original stones. The effort to maintain the integrity of the work, while continuing to tell the story of the origin and processes of its makers, is evident in every piece. 
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A collaboration inspired by Taos, New Mexico – a place where both founders have a deep personal connection. The result is an exceptional series of fine jewelry and handbags made with rare turquoise, diamonds, gold and exotic skins, featuring nine vintage conchos and a single belt buckle from the personal collection of Dennis Hopper. Available exclusively at
Anna Sheffield, Los Angeles



The Future Heritage Fund

20% of sales from The Future Heritage Collection benefits The Future Heritage Fund. Founded by Anna Sheffield and created in partnership with the New Mexico Community Foundation (NMCF), the fund allocates monies to a range of cultural, environmental and educational non - profit organizations in New Mexico.

To date, the NMCF has raised more than $50 million in grants and scholarships to positively impact hundreds of 501(c)(3) non-profits in New Mexico. 


The Southwest is a deeply spiritual place where we continue to find connections and contemporary modes of expressing its beauty and sacredness across 
so many disciplines of
art and craft today.”



The Future Heritage Fund benefits non-profits doing vital work in the preservation
of the natural environment of the Southwest, and support of the education of its inhabitants. 



Fund proceeds support an ongoing scholarship program at the IAIA, where students are given
empowerment through education, economic self-sufficiency and expression of artistic and cultural traditions.



Proceeds support the organization’s statewide water conservation efforts, which are guided by
social justice principles and dedicated to preserving and restoring the ecological and cultural integrity
of New Mexico’s water and the communities that depend on it. 



Proceeds support the vital work of this grassroots organization, to protect and restore the wildlife,
wild places, wild rivers, and the health of the American West.


Anna Sheffield


Anna Sheffield’s childhood in the Southwest has had an enduring influence on her work as a jewelry designer, setting the stage for a lifelong interest in natural beauty, spirituality, and indigenous arts and crafts.
For Anna, jewelry is more than ornamental; each piece is a precious talisman, imbued with history and alive with meaning. The most fulfilling part of her work is knowing that her creations are both dear to those who possess them, and destined to be passed down for generations.